Saturday, August 04, 2007

No pictures, please!

Ok, so it looked like I had disappeared again....but I didn't! :) I have been going a lot more than staying home the last while and that coupled with a hubby taking the camera to work everyday didn't allow much for blogging or getting pics of my stuff. In case you are wondering what he was taking said camera into work every day for, that answer is to try and get weather pictures. Since we live where there is very little change in the weather most of the year, the fact that we have been having some over the last several weeks is exciting. Now, was he actually able to get any shots? I don't know because he has been working late hours and is now on his way out of town for an overnight trip and yes, he took the camera.

Enough of all that, now on to the knitting. I am still working away on the mystery stole and I am will most likely finish up the rest of clue 4 today. Then and only then, will I go and get the next clue as well as the info on the theme for the stole. I just don't want to know until I finish up these last few charted rows. :) I have had
to Tulip Baby Cardigan finished for about a week now and I desperately need to get it photographed and sent on to my friend. The only issue I had with it was running out of the edging color and having to substitute on of the other colors for the ties. It still looks really really cute though and I am proud of it.

Oh, I guess that I do have one picture that I can put up. It was taken with my cell phone, (Hey, I could use it to take other pics as well!) and is of me working on a pair of Fawkes that I have started in the color Firebird
from my Rocking Sock Club's June shipment. I do plan on getting more of the Firebird color and doing the club pattern with it. I just couldn't not use it for Fawkes. It was just meant to be.
Oh, yeah...the picture:

I forgot to add that I was knitting them while waiting for the release of HP7. The photo quality, or lack there of had more to due with the photographer rather than the camera on the phone.

I will work on trying to get some pictures at some point this weekend. I wish I had more to show but with all the running around....there just has not been much time to knit. Maybe this next week will be better. :)

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