Friday, August 25, 2006

It's my birthday!

It has actually been a good one as far as birthdays go. I had some friends that helped start it off great earlier this week. They surprised me at our Bible Study with a cake and some great books, one is a gift book from Hallmark called Serenity and the other is The Love Languages of God by Gary Chapman. They also gave me some candles and precious candle holders. The scented one is soooo delicious! It is Strudel & Spice by Gold Canyon.

Then today, kids woke me up this morning with breakfast in bed (pancakes Yum!) as well as home made presents. It was so sweet to see them so anxious about me opening the gifts and so proud of themselves. The gifts were great but their excitment is what I treasure the most. They are just such great kiddos.

My dad and step mom also sent me some yummy stuff from Merle Norman and I have a couple of very special phone calls from cherrished friends.

My Dearest is wanting to take me out to supper tonight, so I am thinking that I want to try Bill Johnson's Big Apple. I was kind of hoping that I had signed up at Red Robin in time to get my free birthday burger but it doesn;t look like I quite made it. Oh well, there is always next year. Okay so I know that I am cheep, I even went and got my free movie rental from Hollywood Video this afternoon. LOL

Not much news on the knitting front. I have finished one burp cloth from MDK and am about half way done with a bib. I love how simple it all is to knit but at the same time find myself wanting a bit of a challenge. So I have decided to pick back up a sweater that I started on last year. It is knit in one piece starting at a sleeve edge and then working across the body and down the other sleeve. I am already past where you join the front and back together at the neck and start knitting it as one
piece again. So, really it shouldn't be too much longer until I get it done. Well, that is what I am hoping for anyways. Ack! I just went to look for the photo of the sweater that came with the pattern and I can not find it. I guess that I will have to get it done so that I can show it off. It is a lacy affair and is being made from schachenmayr nomotta Rainbow.

Okay, I am off now to enjoy the rest of my birthday with knitting and my movie.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The yarn has spoken

And it is telling me that it is just not meant to be for the adult wonky lace sock. *sigh*

It is just turning out too loose on the cuff and despite the 80's making a come back this year, I can not stand to wear slouchy socks. I love the way the Cascade Fixation knits up but it just isn't working out for me with the pattern. I do believe that it will make a wonderful plain ole ribbed sock that I will wear until it wears out though. But for now it will have to sit like this:

because I really need to get busy on making baby gifts. Something about one already here, 2 due soon and a set of twin girls being due in a few months. Eeeek!!!! So, until I at least knock out the eminent ones, the socks will have to wait. Although the temptation to cast on a hedgehog may be to great. :P

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Catching up

Don't ya just love the craziness of life? In all honesty....I do, I love my life! It is busy and nonstop but I really don't think that I would want it any other way. I am so happy to be able to do so much with my kids and I know that they are growing up way too fast, so I am getting as much in while I can. Okay, enough of that....on to the knitting fun. I was all excited on Monday when the mail came that I took pictures of some fun stuff that I recieved. Of course, I didn't quite get the chance to blog about it, but I can make up for it now. :)

First was a package from England with some Rowan Felted Tweed that I had won on ebay.

It will be made in to a set of Knucks for my hubby. Please note that this is the first thing he has ever wanted me to make for him. He thinks that he wants me to stitch "rite" and "left" on the respective mits. LOL

The cute little nose that you see in the above photo belongs to the queen feline of the house, Emily:

There was still more excitement in the mail in the form of a pattern:

Aren't these hedgehogs just adorable!!! I an hardly wait to cast one on. It will also be my first felting project.

I did manage to get Peridita finished but out turned out a little bigger than the first one I did. Not sure what happened. Its all good though as I am planning on it being a gift. Not sure yet who the recipient will be.

Knitting time has not been as readily availible with life happening, so sock progress is slow.That and the fact that I had the gauge off bad enough on the Wonky Lace sock that I frogged it and began again. Yesterday morning the sock looked like this:

and last night when I went to bed, it looked like this:

Definite progress and I like how it is making a striped pattern now as well. I am still concerned about how the cuff is so much larger than I feel it should be. I will go ahead and finish it, wash and block it to see if I like it any better.
Well, that should catch me up for now. Hopefully I will have more stuff to show off soon.