Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Beginning....

Okay, it is past time that I get stated on my blog. I have been blogging in my head for a while and it is getting kinda crowded in there so....on to blog land I go. I guess that I should start off with a bit of an intro. I am a stay at home/ home schooling mom of the lovely monkeys, err... I mean children. I have been a finatical knitter for 5.5 years and have even gotten my 11 yr old son hooked on the sport. My 7 yr old daughter is next on my list. heh heh heh

I guess I should also explain where the title comes from. It originally started with someone asking me how I had three kids and managed to stay sane. My response was that I wasn't sane to begin with. LOL Now-a-days, it is usually the response people give whenever they find out that I am a mom of three and that I home school them. So add in the being a "crazy" mom with the knitting and there you have it. :)

Okay, enough about that and on to some cool stuff. Cool as in, I got to meet the Yarn Harlot last night!!!!
It was soooo awesome! If you can believe it, she is even funnier in person. Stephaine was so wonderfully chearful and sweet despite all of the books she had to sign.

This is a picture of me with Stephaine signing my book and, even though the basket is in the way, my sock meeting her sock. After reading about her trip to Oklahoma City and not being able to get anything other than a Budwiser, I felt that I just had to warm her up for her upcoming trip to my hometown of Austin and brought her a little something:

Yup, a Shiner Bock that I just so happend to have sitting around. Actually, I keep it on hand because I use it in a killer BBQ sauce on my ribs. YUM! Oh, and I of course had to chill it and keep it cold for her. I couldn't have her drinking a warm beer with all this heat.

Thank you so much Fiber Factory for hosting the talk and signing. It was just great getting to sit , knit and listen to the Stephanie. :)


Jo said...

Aha! So you're the one with the Shiner Bock!!!! Yee-HA! I sent her a note that Shiner was actually in TEXAS! (not AZ!) Thanks for getting her ready for the weirdness that is Austin!

Jo said...

Just to let you know, there were CASES of Shiner Bock all over the place at Hill Country Weavers! (Along with chocolate, pecan pralines and Corona Especial!) Only in Austin would several hundred knitters brave 101 degrees in a very small store to get snockered and eat chocolate! You'll love this...they introduced Stephanie as "just another Harlot on Sout Congress!" (grin)

crazymom said...

"just another Harlot on South Congress!" LMBO!!! That is too funny. Yup, only in Austin would you get an intro like that, in a Baptist Church and be surrounded by chocolate (I hope someone brought Lammes) and beer. Man do I ever miss the weirdness.